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A self described “Minnesotan who really likes it here” Dan enjoys a variety of sports & activities in his spare time. Dan Helmer continues to be selling real estate in Central Minnesota since nineteen. He brings a unique mixture of information, service and experience to all of his clientele. The knowledge of ours and knowledge are your best protection. A very slow start, but a constant and growing market over time.

Market conditions will remain stable at very least over the summer months. What has the home buying market been like in 2012? Will the markets stay steady during the entire remainder of the year? Additionally, Dan is fighting for the dignity of workers and businesses to end up being on the dining room table in Washington whenever we can make decisions about trade, taxation, and taxes. He will support businesses like the US Military Academy at West Point that will help create jobs within the community.

He will fight for good paying jobs that pay enough for a living wage, as well as offer career pathways for students, including the Dreamers. Dan thinks that we ought to be investing infrastructure, education, and health care to bring about a strong, shiny, and competitive economy. Let’s look at Dan Helmer’s record. He voted for a tax increase which was supposed to go to facilities that are public. What has he done to prove it? He promises to be pro-school.

He has been voting as a Democrat ever since. He hasn’t done almost anything for schools. He simply talks about precisely how wonderful they’re and what a wonderful job his parents did for getting him an education. Properly, you could remember he was a Republican senator https://www.facebook.com/HelmerVA until year that is last, when he switched to Democrat prior to the election. What has he done for facilities which are public? He envisions an education process which is equitable, offering each kid from the opportunity to succeed.

Additionally, he’s a proponent of making schooling more accessible, pushing for reforms which would decrease the price tag of tuition and also ease the burden of pupil debt. Education is an additional cornerstone of Helmer’s policy agenda. Helmer supports increased funding for public schools, advocating for better teacher pay and strategies to showcase the learning environment. Economic justice is a thread that runs through Helmer’s policy priorities.

This involves raising the minimum wage, supporting workers’ rights to manage, and investing infrastructure projects that generate jobs and activate local economies.

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